Project 9:
Lanele Resources (Pty) Ltd. and Amatala Resources (Pty) Ltd.

Sector: Renewable Energy - Biofuels

ZAR2 billion (US$270 million or €194million)

Project Summary

The NEF has been approached by Lanele Resources (Pty) Ltd together with Amatala Resources (Pty) Ltd. The objective of the promoters is to construct a facility that will produce bioethanol from municipality solid waste found in landfi lls. The bioethanol produced from this facility will initially be used to produce transportation furl and a consideration will be made to produce high grade ethanol for the pharmaceutical industry as well as the solvents industry. The project promoters have completed a scoping study. The pre-feasibility study will focus on the project execution strategy, a basic engineering proposal, site selection and logistics, technology options and licence offerings. The result of this will produce a clearer indication of the correct technology and determining the commercial viability of the project, taking into account the South African landscape in Biofuels. It is estimated based on existing biofuels plants that the project size will be approximately US$350 and the total development costs are estimated at US$21m.

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